The Absolute Best Marriage Advice You’ll Ever Hear (MUST HEAR)

The Absolute Best Marriage Advice You’ll Ever Hear (MUST HEAR) | I Love Being Christian Videos

“Marry someone who you would still love even if they couldn’t love you back.”

That’s some really good, and really steep advice! Most would agree that sometimes it is hard to love someone who don’t or won’t love us back. The Bible tells us we are to love everyone. Everyone includes the unlovable, our enemies, and anyone you can think of that you really don’t “want” to love.


Marriage is what you make it. Will it always be just a field of daisies? No. Yet, the good news is that you’re in it together. Remember being alone? It wasn’t fun. So even if your marriage is having a rocky week, remember that you’re vow was “for better and for worse”. Two is better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

When we continue loving when we don’t feel like we are getting it back, we are sowing into a harvest that we will one day reap. Give and it shall be given. (Luke 6:38) We can camp on that promise.

If you’re thinking about getting married, don’t go into it with a fairy tale mentality. Yet, on the other side of that-don’t go into it thinking “worse case scenario”.

God said that it’s not good for man to be alone. (Gen. 2:18) Don’t go into marriage thinking that it’s going to be a prison- that’s not what marriage was intended to be.

If you’re already married, love them. Love them big and love them hard- for they are a blessing from God!

I also agree that if you’re in a marriage that you’re being abused in- you need to seek further council in that area. There are definitely some instances that you can’t “make the best out of.” Talk to a Godly person who will help you find the best route possible for getting some help.

On the flip side to that, if you’re just tired of your husband/wife- don’t give up on them. Moving on to another, will leave you feeling the same way. We all have problems. So trading one set of problems for a new set, still will leave you a lot of issues. Love the one you’ve got- they will be thankful you did! 🙂

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