Check Out The Power Of Having Faith

Check Out The Power Of Having Faith | I Love Being Christian Videos

This story is about having faith in God and there’s one story in the Bible that shines just that. This is the story of David and Goliath.

See David was a young man and Israelite. He was a shepherd to his father’s land and had great faith in God. Goliath was a giant big bodied warrior and an enemy to the Israelites who had come to do great harm to them.


The people of Israel wanted peace and gathered an army to protect the land but an opposing army armed with spears and shields stood with Goliath ready to make the Israelites their slaves. When the two armies reached in the battle field, they lined up with their weapons ready to fight.

Though when Goliath stepped up and said “who ever beats my may have my army as slaves but if we beat you then you will become out slaves“. No one moved. The Israelites stood still trembling at Goliath’s massiveness.

David, not even being part of the army stepped forward and declared to fight Goliath. Everyone laughed. David stepped forward and was handed a shield. To the surprise of the people he threw it down and instead picked up a rock. This really made the people laugh at him seeing the size of Goliath compared to David.

Speaking words of great faith in God David walks towards Goliath and the unexpected happens…

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