The Incredible Bible Story Of Daniel (THE MOVIE)

The Incredible Bible Story Of Daniel (THE MOVIE) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Here we have found the full HD movie about the story of Daniel which happens to be one of the greatest stories in the old testament. For it shows a godly man who wouldn’t break his faith with God even if it was at the expense of his own life.  

Throughout Daniel’s journey he went through many trials and witnessed many miracles. From watching his own friends who was about be burned alive being saved by Jesus -to himself being saved by God after being thrown into a wild lions den to be killed. His strong faith always lead him down a rode of grace. 


This story proves that keeping your eyes fixed on the God brings nothing but blessings to your life. Below is one of the best movies online showing what Daniel’s life was like and what he overcame through trusting God. 

Press play on the video below and see why Christian everywhere are talking about this movie. 

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