Witness The Money Miracle (Caught On Camera)

Witness The Money Miracle (Caught On Camera) | I Love Being Christian Videos

An incredible act of compassion to a woman in need. 

During church one evening the preacher begins to talk about the “Money Miracle” (a miracle for when God unexpectedly gives you the money you need). When speaking to the audience to give an example by pretending to place some money in a ladies had. The lady smiled and instantly stuck her hand out as if she needed it.


This is when it get’s real good! Seeing the lady do this the preacher ask the woman if she really needed the money and with a timid smile she nodded, yes. Feeling like Christ for this woman he decided in that moment to REALLY give her the cash he was holding in his hand. However, that started something amazing.

 What happens next will drop your jaw to the floor! 

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