The Most Intense Visit To Heaven (Testimony)

The Most Intense Visit To Heaven (Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Angels, heaven and what happens when one gets saved are all topics that are covered in this amazing testimony by Mary K. Baxter. She shares the astounding sights and sounds she experienced when she was transported by a beautiful 12-foot angel to the city of God.

For example, she shared that contrary to what many people might assume, angels, don’t all look alike or have wings. Each angel is dressed for their occupation. Some have wings, some don’t but they all have a role serving God and gladly fulfill their purpose. Mary also bore witness to the orderliness of heaven, where records are kept of everything that happens here on earth.


Mary was taken to visit heaven’s record room which was a room filled with records on every human on earth. During her visit to heaven, she was shown her own book. In these books are written many details about each person’s life. For instance, things like how much money they gave, at what date and where and even the condition of their heart at the time were listed.

After this, Mary was taken by her companion angel to see a real-life conversion. All at once, she and this angel were standing at the back of an earthly church. She watched as a sinner stepped forward and begin repenting of his sins. She saw other angels gather round him and remove the black binds (looked like cords) that were around his body each time he confessed a sin. His heart went from a blackened state to a crimson color. She was able to watch what occurred in the spirit realm when an earthly sinner turned their life over to God.

Mary’s experience can teach us all a little more about the place called heaven. View the video below in its entirety to learn even more about Mary’s interesting testimony.

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