Sara Evans & Brad Paisley Share Praise For Jesus In Compelling Duet Song ‘New Again’

Sara Evans & Brad Paisley Share Praise For Jesus In Compelling Duet Song ‘New Again’ | I Love Being Christian Videos

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You likely remember back to 2004 when the film The Passion of The Christ, directed by Mel Gibson, was originally released. Shortly after the release of the feature film, an album was released inspired by the film entitled The Passion of the Christ: Songs. The album featured artists of all genres. Brad Paisley and Sara Evans contributed a beautiful duet to the project called New Again.

About “New Again”

This song highlights the unique relationship between Mary and Jesus. In the song, Paisely sings the part of Jesus and Evans contributes her voice to Mary’s character. In the song, Jesus reassures Mary, his mother, that even though it doesn’t seem so at the time, everything will be alright. Some of the lyrics are as follows:


“Mother, do not cry for me. All of this is exactly how it’s supposed to be.” Evans sings (as Mary), “So may miracles and lives you’ve changed/And this world repays you how?/With all this pain.”

The Rendition is Powerful, yet Subtle

The song is primarily soft and quiet, yet extremely powerful when you pay attention to what is being said. When listening to the song, you will sympathize with Mary as she watches her son die such a brutal death, and you will feel the love of Jesus as he (played by Paisley) explains why his death was necessary and that ultimately, everything will work out as it should. That everything will be “new again”.

Enjoy this beautiful duet by Paisley and Evans as they perform a meaningful song worthy of admiration. Hopefully, Evans and Paisley will team up for another duet in the near future.

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