The Truth About God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell And Satan

The Truth About God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell And Satan | I Love Being Christian Videos

If you are wondering: “Why is life so difficult?” or “Why isn’t life simple?” It is because God has given you free will. You are the one that can decide between good and bad and right and wrong. It’s not God’s fault how you respond to the bad things that occur in your life. It your decisions and choices that you made on your own.

This video discusses what Heaven and Hell really are…


When we die we will go to eternity- Hell or Heaven. Those who go to Hell experience the reality of despair. The Bible teaches that few people go to Heaven and most people will end up in Hell.

There are creatures in hell that have never been seen before. Never be too quick to say nothing like this can exist. These creatures are fallen angels. Angels that took an oath to be good and then they broke this oath. God issued a punishment to them that was so great and they were condemned to Hell. Now they are the tormentors. They torment you over and over again. You have your body but they have lost theirs- that is why they torment you.

In Hell you will come across these perverted angels and creatures who will remind you of the opportunities you had to be saved but you didn’t save yourself. If you reject Jesus the torment will be greater.

Hell is divine revenge and a place where torment can destroy soul. Hell is eternal and never ending. Individuals will be weeping- and not just for a little while, but forever. If you go to hell you will always regret the sins you committed. How we handle God’s word can either: sentence us to death or prepare us for eternal life.

We need to love God with everything we have. When we love Him we will want to obey Him and do good in the world. We will not be afraid of others who are wicked. Do this we will be set free!

This video encourages us to go through the narrow door- to choose good rather than evil…

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