There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot”

There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot” | I Love Being Christian Videos

Most people can think back and remember the days of how they kept the Sabbath day.


Sunday represents our “Seventh Day” and as we know our Precious Heavenly Father took that day to rest. And it’s not so much about “The Sabbath Cannots”, but more about “The Sabbath Can-do’s”.

The Bible says, “Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” (Heb. 10:25) It’s a day we can sit aside for our “Daddy”, similar to a special birthday. It’s a day we can reflect on the goodness of our God, and take a day from our usual routines of work.

It’s a special day also to spend with loved ones that we generally become “too busy” for during the week. I think as long as we put God first, giving Him the first fruits of our Sabbath, we can spend the rest of the day enjoying what’s left.

A lot of the older generation had it right. They gave The Lord the first part of their Sunday and then they got the most out of the remainder of their “day of rest”.

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