This Country Girl Goes Gospel, Takes The X-Factor Judges To Church

This Country Girl Goes Gospel, Takes The X-Factor Judges To Church | I Love Being Christian Videos

The X Factor USA YouTube Channel

Self-proclaimed country girl Brandi Love of Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, surprised the judges when she took the stage of “The X Factor” and proceeded to try her hand at an old gospel favorite “Up to The Mountain.”

Why This Was Confusing?

The judges had previously asked Love what kind of music she liked and she answered country, so when she told them she planned on singing a gospel song instead, they were a bit skeptical at her ability to pull it off. As soon as Love opened her mouth to sing, though, all doubts faded, and you can see why in the video below.


The Power of “Up to the Mountain”

“Up to the Mountain” was written by Patty Griffin and contains a powerful message. It talks about the emotions associated with Martin Luther King Jr.’s last speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” The song was originally recorded by Solomon Burke but has been covered by many artists since including Susan Boyle and Kelly Clarkson.

Love’s Performance on “The X Factor”

The song starts off softly, as Love’s voice gains ground. The most powerful part of the song comes at the end, so make sure you watch it through to completion. It is at the very end that her vocal ability most shines through as she sings a capella for the stunned crowd and judges. Simon Cowell, known for his harsh judgments and insensitive comments even had something nice to say about her performance. He said, “I predict great things for Brandi Love.” As her voice fades with the last note, the crowd erupts into cheers. We can all agree with Simon that there are most certainly great things in store for young Brandi Love after this amazing performance.

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