“This Little Light of Mine” Like You Have Never Heard it Before

“This Little Light of Mine” Like You Have Never Heard it Before | I Love Being Christian Videos

YouTube / America's Got Talent

It’s normal to become accustomed to the way a particular song sounds. Consequently, when there is a variation made in the way a song is performed, either in the cadence or a change in the instrumentation used, it gives new life to a song. This is exactly what Danell Daymon & The Greater Works Choir did for the Sunday and Vacation Bible School favorite “This Little Light of Mine,” which you can enjoy for yourself in the video below.


Where Did The Greater Works Choir and Vocalist Danelle Daymon Perform?

The group along with the soloist wowed the audience and the judges alike with their own version of “This Little Light of Mine” during their recent appearance on “America’s Got Talent”.

How Did It Differ From Typical Versions of The Song?

As mentioned above, “This Little Light of Mine” is a song usually enjoyed by children’s groups. However, it enjoyed the most popularity during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s of which it was somewhat of an anthem. Today, it rarely makes its way into adult services. As such, it was a bit unusual and unexpected when the soloist, Danelle stepped out and began singing the first verse. While her vocal ability was amazing, and stunned the judges, the song only grew in intensity and fervor when the choir came in to back her up during the next verse. Verse by verse, the performance seemed to grow in intensity until finally tambourines and a powerhouse finale ended their exhibition.

What We Learned From The Choir’s Performance

You never know where you can expect to enjoy a great spiritual song, like “This Little Light of Mine.” Most assuredly the judges and audience present were not expecting to enjoy such a display of vocal talent and spiritual passion in one performance.

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