This Man Looked Into The Eyes of The Devil & Lived to Tell About It (Creepy Testimony)

This Man Looked Into The Eyes of The Devil & Lived to Tell About It (Creepy Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Learning about how others have had their lives changed through near death or post death experiences is always interesting to me. I learned about one such story that stands out a bit because this man not only experienced the outskirts of hell but the devil himself after his heart stopped beating.

Mesiah was enjoying a family getaway and was supervising his nieces and nephews while they swam in a hotel pool. In order to help his niece who was struggling in the water, he jumped in. Unfortunately, Mesiah didn’t know how to swim! The end result was him drowning, going into a coma and being put on life support to sustain his crucial bodily functions.


While Mesiah was in a coma, he experienced what he believed to be the outskirts of hell. There was darkness at first and lots of whispering voices. The voices were telling him it was okay, to keep going. He moved towards a light that turned out to be torches set beside piles of gold. On this gold set a humongous, menacing, evil figure.

As Mesiah drew closer still, prompted by the voices, he could make out more and more of the creature’s appearance. He said his head was like a bull, but his face was like a human being. He had large curling horns and his skin was blood red, almost black. At first, the creature didn’t look at him. This seemed odd to him because he wasn’t that far away. Mesiah began to yell out to him, almost challenging him to do something.

The creature slowly turned and looked directly at Mesiah. He said that in that instant he knew he was looking into the eyes of the devil himself. Thankfully, it wasn’t Mesiah’s time to die. The creature turned away and Mesiah was whisked back to earth where he woke up in the hospital. He knew he had been given another chance at life. He also felt he had seen and lived through meeting the one and only devil himself.

View the full VIDEO BELOW to hear his testimony directly from him.  

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