Three Testimonies That 100% Prove That Jesus Is Real

Three Testimonies That 100% Prove That Jesus Is Real | I Love Being Christian Videos

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There is no doubt that asking Christ to come into your life can create lasting change. However, when your life was formally a life of hate, rage, drugs, violence and all other manner or evil, making such a shift in your life will yield dramatic, noticeable change. This type of change isn’t always as noticeable in new believers who have spent their lives in the church. This video published below showcases powerful testimonies that prove the power of Jesus to drastically change a life.


What Testimonies Are Included?

The video starts off featuring a former skin head, neo-Nazi. He got swastikas tattooed all over his body as a teen and liked the attention it garnered him. His life was full of violence, hate, alcohol and included a long lengthy prison record. He was also part of a violent gang. After meeting the love of his life; however, he decided to move away from the gang life. They of course threatened his life and were determined to take him out.

His new wife shared Bible verses with him in an effort to give him a sense of calm amid the increasingly violent threats. On a family visit, he and his wife went to a church service with a family member and got even closer to faith. They asked Jesus to get them out of the mess they were in, and if He would, they would give their lives over to Him.

What Happened Next?

God opened a door for the man, his wife and children to escape the gang violence by moving them safely to Tennessee. The young family followed through with their end of the promise and gave their lives over to Christ and haven’t looked back. Since that time, he has even gone through painful tattoo removal to get rid of the permanent markings etched all over his skin from his former life.

What the Bible Says About a Fresh Start

Isaiah 43:18 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past…”

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