Tim McGraw’s “Touchdown Jesus” Is A Must Hear

Tim McGraw’s “Touchdown Jesus” Is A Must Hear | I Love Being Christian Videos

Handsome and popular Country Western rebel Tim McGraw released a song that clearly conveyed his stance on faith and God. His song, “Touchdown Jesus,” has the Lord scoring some big ones at the Holy Superbowl. The song is a musical refreshment for fans of the Country Western genre, but it is a powerful statement for those who believe in the strength of Christ.

Christians from all corners of the globe will want to play the song over and over again, even if they are not big on country music. Other listeners will have something to think about when they finish the tune.


“Touchdown Jesus” is a song about rekindling one’s faith and then viewing all of the Lord’s miracles and works with those new spiritual eyes. McGraw describes Jesus as a spiritual football team of sorts. This spiritual football team always scores a touchdown on the opposing teams of illness, addiction, unbelief, the devil and peoples’ own fleshly desires.

McGraw grew up with exposure to the Baptist Christian church, so he is no stranger to Jesus. The song portrays a perfect picture of how one can “dust off” his or her Bible and then team up with Jesus all over again. A person who teams up with Jesus during adulthood will make it into the end zone as long as that person doesn’t fumble the faith.

“Touchdown Jesus” is an excellent inspirational song and a reminder to everyone that Jesus is very much alive, and He is still working miracles every single day.

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