Top 15 Jesus Culture Worship Songs (WATCH)

Top 15 Jesus Culture Worship Songs (WATCH) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Jesus Culture is international Christian band that was formed at the Bethel Church is Redding, California. The main goal of the band is to spread the word of Jesus and these songs below are all about honoring our Lord and Savior.

01 – Sing Out
02 – Surrender All (Give You Everything)
03 – Waiting Here For You (With Martin Smith)
04 – Our God Reigns (With Martin Smith)
05 – Let It Rain
06 – Break Every Chain
07 – In Awe Of You
08 – Unstoppable Love
09 – Show Me Your Glory
10 – Pursuit
11 – Walk With Me
12 – Song Of Solomon (With Martin Smith)
13 – Set A Fire
14 – You Are My God
15 – No Other Like You (We Will Exalt You)

Take a listen to the songs below, share with your family and friends, and enjoy!


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