Trisha Yearwood Performs “Broken” at The Foot of a Cross, Get Ready to Experience The Cross Like Never Before

Trisha Yearwood Performs “Broken” at The Foot of a Cross, Get Ready to Experience The Cross Like Never Before | I Love Being Christian Videos

Courtesy of Fox via Hollywood Life

Coming shortly after an admirable performance in Fox’s live musical rendition of The Passion, Trisha Yearwood showed her personal commitment to telling the emotional story of Christ’s last hours before his crucifixion. After playing Mary, Jesus’ mother in the special, Yearwood blessed a studio audience with a beautiful performance of the song “Broken.”

The Setting Was Powerful

Yearwood situated herself alongside a large cross, standing at its feet, symbolocially showing how all believers should see themselves. She began to sing the meaningful song, softly at first. Eventually, her voice rose, and she began belting out the emotion lyrics singing, “I’m holdin’ on.” The camera moves through the audience throughout the video, capturing people crying, lifting their hands, praising God. Yearwood herself seemed close to tears at various times throughout the performance.


Yearwood Was Grateful to Play The Role of Mary & Perform “Broken”

Yearwood shared via Facebook the following after her performance in The Passion aired:

I woke up this morning feeling so blessed and grateful…”

Her performance of the song “Broken” was powerful to be sure. However, it also allowed Yearwood to express her emotions as a believer. We are so thankful for true believers who aren’t afraid to tell the story of the cross like Yearwood. The Scripture says in 1 Peter 3:18 “For died for sins once and for all, a good man on behalf of sinners, in order to lead you to God. He was put to death physically but made alive spiritually.” This truth from the Bible explains the importance of what Jesus did on the cross for all of us. Get ready to experience this event in a unique way while watching Yearwood’s excellent performance.

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