Trusting God When You Do Not Understand – Joyce Meyer

Trusting God When You Do Not Understand – Joyce Meyer | I Love Being Christian Videos

We have to learn to trust God even when we don’t understand. So many people in the world are wanting to be like somebody else. Asking God why He made them the way they are.

God’s got a benevolent purpose why we go through what we go through and He made each and everyone of us perfect in “His” image. No, we didn’t say perfect in our own image but in His. So don’t judge yourself so hard. We have to learn to love ourselves, our gifts, talents and personality unconditionally.


And remember… God didn’t make any two people alike! We can tell you one thing though YOU are special, lovable, and perfect just the way you are. You’ll never be truly happy until you let go of the self judgement attitude and start getting comfortable in your own skin. Forget self and cling to His way because He loves you!

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