Unbelievable Video of Priest Attacking Baby

Unbelievable Video of Priest Attacking Baby | I Love Being Christian Videos

Concerned parents to the left. Wicked priest to the right.

One would assume a priest would be safe. A person in which one could trust. Unfortunately, as this heart-wrenching video proves, that is not always the case. This video below should come with a warning. “Will cause anger.” “Might result in outrage”, or “view at your own risk.” It’s simply unbelievable.

What Happens in the Video?

In this video, you witness what should be a sweet family event. You assume the Jesuit Catholic priest is going to perform a ceremony, dedicating the baby the Lord. The problem occurs when the baby, as they tend to do, begins to cry. The small child is likely frightened by the priest. Most reasonable people would understand this. However, the priest decides to take the situation into his own hands and administer a form of punishment.


What fits the crime of crying in a small baby you might wonder? Would you believe a harsh slap across the face? Well, that’s exactly what happened. The baby was seemingly interrupting the priest’s service and he forcefully struck the child across the face, you assume to stop the child’s outburst. Of course, as any parent knows would happen, this only serves to upset the child even further.

Meanwhile, the baby’s mother was attempting to protect her child and pull him away from the priest. She was unsuccessful. However, the baby’s father stepped in and got the job done, ripping him away from the clutches of the priest. The parents were both visibly and understandably upset.

What The Bible Says About How to Treat Little Children

Jesus believed children were treasures. He once told his disciples in Mark 10:13-16 to not restrict the children from coming to Him. The verse says “Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Jesus most certainly wouldn’t have approved how the priest treated this precious child in the video. Of that, you can be certain.

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