United Nations Channeler Kryon Speaks About Jesus (AUDIO LISTEN!)

United Nations Channeler Kryon Speaks About Jesus (AUDIO LISTEN!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

image2Lee Carol also know as Kryon is a master channeler that has been summoned to the United Nations and many other major Global Elite gathers to speak about how to create peace and unconditional love on the plant.


For those who are unaware of what channeling is – channeling is the ability to directly contact, hear, see and or speak with Angels, God and or people in currently in Heaven. This may sound like new information to some of you but it’s said to be a miracle that has been around forever but few know about it because it has been secretly swept under the rug by Satan, the media and some powerful elite groups around the world working for Satan.

The Devil absolutely doesn’t want you to know about this! 

A couple biblical examples of channeling is when Moses spoke to God in the form of the burning bush, or when Mary spoke to an Angel telling her that Jesus was to be born through her. There’s many more stories all over the Bible where Angels and God speak directly to man. And it’s that same beautiful communication that Jesus had with God and all the Angels when walked the Earth preaching 2000 years ago. Many people around the world today know about this and use this to stay connected to Gods word in a world full of deception.

However, this is not black magic or anything of the sort. It’s simple being in tune with the holy spirit and being able to hear messages from God or God’s messengers. You probably do it all the time and didn’t realize that you were doing it. That’s right! People speak directly to Angels everyday and Lee Carol is one of them who just so happens to really good at it. Lee channels the Angel named, Kryon.

The audio below just came out in November of 2015 and as you listen you’ll notice that there’s no message of fear, just a message of hope and of love. Take a listen and note that it’s also being translated in Spanish because of the country they’re in but look past it and hear the parts where Kryon talks about Jesus Christ.

He speaks about Jesus Christ about 12 minutes into the audio.


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