Unlock Great Prayer – The Superpower God Gave You (VIDEO)

Unlock Great Prayer – The Superpower God Gave You (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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As it pertains to prayer, the powerlessness of the average Christian finds its explanation in the words of James 4:2, “… you have not, because you ask not.”

According to this video clip–and according to the Bible–we lack in life because we do not ask for what we desire. How often do we experience deep disappointment over not receiving something for which we’ve never actually asked God? And yet we have the audacity to lash out and act a fool when things don’t go our way. Unlocking great prayer is the same as unlocking the superpower hidden within you.


The video below makes the important point that asking is not simply “getting on your knees, and looking up, speaking empty words.” No, God does not want His children to utter words that have no meaning. God wants us to pray from the center of our hearts. After all, what distinguishes praying from simply talking? It’s time for us to truly pray to God and take ownership of the incredible superpower that was designed specifically for us.

The steps are simple. We must (1st) ask for what we want (2nd) speak to God from the most authentic part of our heart because God hears what you mean deep down inside, not what you say. The secret to unlocking great prayer is already within you and for those who want to unleash their ability like never before we recommend you…

watch the video below!

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