Was This The Greatest Prayer Ever Spoken?

Was This The Greatest Prayer Ever Spoken? | I Love Being Christian Videos

Was the prayer that Jesus said on the cross the best prayer that He ever prayed to God? It was at the cross when He was in excruciating pain for taking a beating for the sins he did not commit that those crucifying Him laughed as He suffered. However, according to the Bible Jesus it’s said that Jesus uttered what possibly was the greatest prayer of all time.

While his eyes were looking up to heaven and his mind pondered over the sins of humanity, Jesus prayed: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”


It is rather unusual for a person to ask God to forgive those who prosecute and hurt him. Many men will ensure that those who hurt him, or those who make him suffer, pay dearly. But the the one they call Christ having a pure connection the Divine Power of God, did not seek revenge. Instead He pronounced salvation to the world, even to his accusers! How do you think about this that’s said in the bible?

Get a glimpse YOURSELF of this moment in the movie clip video below.

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