POWER PRAYER: Prayer For Casting Out Demons Whispering Pain, Shame & Grief In Your Ear

POWER PRAYER: Prayer For Casting Out Demons Whispering Pain, Shame & Grief In Your Ear | I Love Being Christian Videos

Demons are a scary topic for Christians and Non-Christians alike. I know I have wondered as a Christian how much authority they have in my life. I know I can’t be “possessed” by demons because of Christ living within me. However, I sometimes wonder if my sicknesses, anxiety or even financial problems are a result of demons trying to make my life less effective for Christ.

Thankfully, the Bible shares ways for us as Christians to stand firm against the devil’s schemes. One such verse is Luke 10:19 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy…” I recently found a neat video that is a prayer for deliverance from demonic activity. On it, a man prays for us Christians to be delivered from different types of demonic activity in our lives. It is supposedly effective and seems to be well received according to reviews.


The important thing to keep in mind about demons is that they have no power over you as a Christian. However, be wary if you aren’t a believer in Christ. If you don’t have faith in Jesus, yet open up your soul to various demonic activities, you might end up with some pretty big problems.

In case you are wondering, according to the Bible, demons are fallen angels. That means they have power, but only to a certain extent. Thankfully, God’s power is superior to any power a demon might have. Therefore, prayer for deliverance from such activity is supposedly effective if you are a Christian.

Although God’s power is superior to that of Satan’s and his demons, they can still make life tough on us Christians, just ask Job (look up Job in the Bible.) Thankfully, though, God remains with us through this time and will deliver us from our perils if we ask in faith.

Enjoy the POWERFUL PRAYER in the video below.

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