What Is Heaven Like? (Heres The Details) (VIDEO)

What Is Heaven Like? (Heres The Details) (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Kat Kerr is a lady who says she has been to Heaven many times. She paints a picture of what Heaven really looks like. Saying it is more amazing than anyone can imagine. She has been in the Throne Room of God and says it is in His presence where you’ll find this unspeakable glory.

Being with Jesus in Heaven is so powerful she says, the WAVES of love that come from God, are so amazing. And Jesus always wants to take us to the Throne Room, to the Father.


She said God has a body like we do (since we are created in his image). God has a long flowing robe that appears to be alive and the most perfectly trimmed white beard and mustache. His eyes ares glowing with blue flames of fire and are FILLED with this burning passionate love for us that overpowers all judgement.

She said sometimes people think you will be afraid when you see God, but when she saw God instead she was filled with love and peace. Everyone who comes to Heaven for the first time goes directly to the father.

The main Throne Room is like white alabaster (alabaster means a fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, typically white, often carved into ornaments). And the BEAUTY and WONDER of going through the vast doors into the Throne Room is indescribable. The doors open and expand even more as people come in so there is no limit to how many can come in and there’s huge hallways all around leading to other throne rooms.

God talks directly to people there and gives His divine wisdom to all believers.  

Press play on this POWERFUL video below to learn more about Heaven right now.

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