What Jesus And 9/11 Have In Common

What Jesus And 9/11 Have In Common | I Love Being Christian Videos


On the following Betty McGee Conspiracy Kitchen video, Betty talks about a foreshadowing method known as predictive programing where future events are alluded to in a media form such as a magazine, movie, or television show. The theory is that the elite who rule the world purposefully put these predictions into the media, which they usually own, because they are the ones who carry out the events.

In this example of predictive programming, Betty refers to an April 3, 1967 edition of News Week featuring none other than David Rockefeller who, according to Betty, built the twin towers just so he could tear them down with people inside. Eerily, in the photo of Rockefeller on the cover of this edition, his watch is set to 9:11.


But what does this have to do with Jesus? According to Betty, one of the areas of a struck tower resembles the wound on Christ’s side during the crucifixion. The wound where Jesus was pierced. But there’s more.

Betty does exhaustive research and comes up with parallels that can not be ignored. Using numbers, dates, and other data, Betty is able to give credit to the theory that 9/11 was a mass human sacrifice carried out by the elite, a group of people known as the Illuminati, who work for the cause of Satan. To learn more and have your eyes opened to how the world really operates, watch this video, pray, and keep your hearts and minds on Jesus.

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