“Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween” (Christian Woman’s Testimony)

“Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween” (Christian Woman’s Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Will you be celebrating Halloween this year?

That is the question posed to the young woman in this video–and presumably the question being asked of many of us this time of year. The woman in this video answers the question with two questions of her own, “What is there to celebrate for Halloween anyway?” -And- “What is it even really about?”

For decades, Christians have struggled with how involved to get in Halloween traditions. Because the holiday is steeped in pagan customs and ancient mystical beliefs, it would stand to reason that Christ-followers should not participate. However, in a culture that is increasingly open to compromise, many Christians have become comfortable–to varying degrees–with participating in the holiday. Many churches, for example–as mentioned in this video–provide their own alternative celebrations. Still others do exactly what their non-Christian counterparts do–buying costumes, going to parties, or knocking on doors for candy.


How does a Christian decide whether or not to celebrate the day?

In this video, the young woman reads a poignant quote that stopped her in her tracks. In her words, the quote said, “Once a year I’m happy that the Christians let their kids celebrate Satan.” This thought gave the young Christian woman pause to once again ask the two questions the video began with, “What is there to celebrate for Halloween anyway? -And- What is it even really about?”

One thing is certain. In the words of Colossians 1:13, “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son.” Meaning, we should live like we have been redeemed. Watch the video below to hear whether or not this young woman will participate in Halloween.

her video testimony below

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