Why Reading the Bible in One Year Is Worth the Effort

Why Reading the Bible in One Year Is Worth the Effort | I Love Being Christian Videos


It’s a common New Year’s resolution for many Christians- to read the Bible in one year. It is a noble goal…but it can be a challenge. While some books of the Bible are easy to read, others are more difficult to get through. Not every story in the Bible easily holds a reader’s interest. But the Bible is not a novel, its purpose is not to entertain, but to provide guidance.  So, though you may ask yourself “is it worth it?” as you read through each story, remind yourself of how you will benefit from the challenge.


Tackling the challenge of reading the Bible in a year requires discipline. You won’t finish it if you don’t create a habit of setting aside time each day to read. This habit of carving time out of your schedule to read the Bible can last well beyond the year. It can help you make time for God, for prayer, worship, and reflection. Even if it is only fifteen minutes a day, that habit can last the rest of your life, and can help you have the spiritual focus you need.

Reading the Bible can help you change your perspective. Many of us read the Bible in bits and pieces, and we miss out on the fact that it is one big narrative. Though it is intended to guide us, it is meant to do so as a complete work, not merely by selected verses. Understandably, in church, certain verses are highlighted to emphasize certain points, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be familiar with the rest of the text. The more we read, the deeper our understanding of God becomes.

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