Will God Judge the United States? What the Solar Eclipse of 2017 Means for Americans

Will God Judge the United States? What the Solar Eclipse of 2017 Means for Americans | I Love Being Christian Videos

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The solar eclipse happening around the world Monday has everyone predicting the effects it will have on our planet. Some are prophesizing this is a sign from God of the End Times. Although the United States is not mentioned specifically in the Bible, America will be judged. If not says Billy Graham, ‘God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah’.

Some say God has not judged America yet because of our support for Israel. Others refer to the crucifixion of Jesus for clues. When Jesus was crucified the day turned to darkness and there was a great earthquake. Jesus said he would give the wicked one sign before His return. It is also predicted that it will be a time during wars and earthquakes. So, what can we expect during this solar eclipse on August 21st that will cross America for the first time in 99 years?


The solar eclipse of 2017 will cross the junction of the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers. This junction divides America into three sections. Another solar eclipse will happen 2024 which will travel in the opposite direction but again cross at the junction of the same two rivers. Isaiah 18:7 states: ‘In that time a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts from a people tall and of smooth skin…whose land the rivers divide’.

Is this the sign Jesus said he would give us or is just an inevitable astrological phenomenon? Is this a judgement against a nation that has turned away from God? The eclipse appears to be to some a seven-year countdown before the End Times.

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