God Sent Angel Priest To Save Car Crash Victim (Absolute Must See!)

God Sent Angel Priest To Save Car Crash Victim (Absolute Must See!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

“Pray Out Loud” were Katie’s words after she had been hit by a drunk driver.

Nineteen year old Katie was in a terrible wreck, where she was then trapped in her car. The rescuers tried to get her out but couldn’t do it. Katie then asked that they all pray together, and out loud. When suddenly a man, who appeared to be a priest, came onto the scene requesting to pray for Katie.


He was said to have been wearing a black priestly shirt, with a white collar. He prayed and once done he told them that their tools would now work, and that they would be able to get her out of the vehicle. After that, he disappeared. No name, no information- a miracle and memories were all that remained.

After searching Churches around the area, no one knew who the man was. He disappeared from the scene and after searching the pictures- he couldn’t be found in them either!

Katie was rushed into surgery because she had many broken bones- but it was said that her face and beautiful smile were untouched. It’s VERY likely that an Angel was on the scene.

We are so loved and so taken care of by God our Father, watch it for yourself! 

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