Woman Died Twice, First Went To Hell, Then Experienced Heaven & Met Jesus (Testimony)

Woman Died Twice, First Went To Hell, Then Experienced Heaven & Met Jesus (Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Anyone speaking to this young lady known as “Dannii” will realize that she had several experiences while in a coma that shook her to her core. The descriptions of heaven, hell and Jesus are as compelling as they are terrifying, and will leave believers and non-believers alike questioning what they know of the afterlife. The contrast between the feelings of utter despair in her vision of hell and the beautiful peace felt in heaven reinforce the traditions held by many religions throughout the world.


As described by Dannii, hell is a place inhabited by a dyed-Afro devil who attempts to pull her into a variety of depraved acts with others, all while she feels incredibly uncomfortable — with a deep despair that she feels deep into the marrow of her bones. While she eventually pulls away from this version of her vision, it’s not before she sees herself in a hospital bed surrounded by deformed individuals who are “all over her like a rash”, telling her to go to sleep while offering her horrible-tasting alcohol in a cocktail glass. When she rejects the drink, he tries again to tempt her with the deepest, darkest rose before moving through a bright window. She eventually woke up from the coma to a shocked family — especially when she describes the exact time and day that the rose was offered and her family recognized it as the precise time they nearly lost her from the coma.


Dannii’s second vision happened when she was put into a second medically-induced coma, after she had dedicated her life to Christ. She saw her soul leave her body, and saw a bright, white glowing individual with her. The feelings of pure love, indescribable peace and absolute security were brought to her by a being that she believes was Jesus.

The amazing testimony from this young lady and the two visions couldn’t be more different — one a version of hell that comes from a our scariest dreams while the second describes the utter peace and love that are traditionally used in regards to heaven. Watch her full testimony in the video below!

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