Young Jesus Answers The Rabbi’s Questions As They Stand In Amazement

Young Jesus Answers The Rabbi’s Questions As They Stand In Amazement | I Love Being Christian Videos

Young Jesus answering all the questions the Rabbis has while they stand in amazement. (photo credit: YouTube / Dante Rocco Bulna)

What was Jesus like as a child? Have you ever wondered?  We know He was without sin, and knowledgeable but what would that have looked like in a young boy? Perhaps this video published by “Danta Rocco Bulna” can provide a glimpse into what it might have looked like.


The Video

The video features a cinematic portrayal of Jesus, played by a young boy. He is being questioned by Rabbis at the temple. This portrayal is likely an artist’s interpretation of what occurred in Luke 2:41-52 and is a great example of what the scripture could have looked like in real life.

Jesus Ran Away From Mary to Visit the Temple

In Luke chapter two, we learn that Jesus wondered away from Mary while she was attending the Festival of the Passover. Jesus’ parents didn’t realize He had remained behind in Jerusalem until they had been traveling for a day. They began looking for Him, only to realize they had left Him behind. After searching, probably frantically, for Him for three days they found Him. What He was doing during His absence was interesting to be sure. It is found in Luke 2:46-47, which says “After three days they found Him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard Him was amazed at His understanding and His answers.”

What We Can Take Away

As believers, we can take away from this passage and the video that Jesus was about His heavenly Father’s business, even as a youngster. He didn’t mean any disrespect to His parents when He stayed behind. Instead, He simply wanted to be in the temple or God’s house. This is an example we all would do well to follow.

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