The Most Unforgettable Speech About Jesus (MUST SEE!)

The Most Unforgettable Speech About Jesus (MUST SEE!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Jefferson gives an unforgettable speech about Jesus! He explains that nearly everyone seemed OK to chat about Jesus’ grace, his forgiveness and his love but goes on to say that some would get upset with righteous anger when he would bring up the passages where Jesus asks for everything.

Jesus says we need to give up our lives. We need to die to self. We need to love him more than others. And many people have this “how dare he” attitude that would boil up when Jefferson would talk about that to people.


The truth that Jefferson began to realize is – We shouldn’t get mad at Jesus for asking everything from us because in reality, everything does that. There’s one thing in all of our lives that demands everything from us, think about it. Your kids, your school, your job, for friends, your wife, your husband. They want all of us.

However, Jesus is unique in that he gives up everything for us first. Jesus is the only one out of sex, reputation, or power who gives us absolutely everything He has before we give up anything for him.

The truth is, all those other things drag us around in life. They force us as to do what they say, like a slave. They always over promise and under deliver. But Jesus only request our love. When we understand this, we realize that He is better than every single thing you have been pursuing in this life.

Take a look at the video in detail below – Jefferson really put’s it into perspective!

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